Self Adhesive Bags - 35 Micron

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Self Adhesive Bags - 35 Micron


Premium quality BOPP Self Adhesive Bags are available in many different sizes to suit your needs. These bags provide high clarity and gloss to enhance appeal of the products.  

This bag is transparent to see through clearly. It’s widely used for the packing of different products, such as  cotton buds, clothes, stamp, stationary, coins, cables, tablets, jewellery and are also food safe.

Dimensions: The bags come in many sizes with box quantities of 1000 or 2000. Select your size from the drop down list. 

For example

  • Size 35-50-65  Qty2000  :  50mm W x 65mm L +30mm lip - 2000 in a box
  • Size 35-50-80 Qty2000   :  50mm W x 80mm L +30mm lip - 2000 in a box
  • Size 35-50-180 Qty2000  :  50mm W x 180mm L +30mm lip - 2000 in a box
  • Size 35-115-230 Qty1000 : 115mm W x 230mm L + 30mm lip - 1000 in a box

 We can customise by printing on the bags, and arrange other colours.