Polyfolio zipper bags

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Polyfolio zipper bags


These strong Zipper Bags also known as Plastic Zip Wallets. They are resealable Zip Lock Bags and are wonderful Storage bags.  They can be re opened and closed as many times as you require. Plastic Zipper bags are made from LDPE plastic with a zipper closure.  Ideal for anything from spare parts, jewellery and pencils etc.   Great for keeping project components together, school subjects or business documentation.  

Dimensions: The bags come in many sizes with box quantities of 500.
Select your size and colour from the drop down list. 

  • Size 255-180mm :  255mm W x 180mm H
  • Size 325-230mm :  325mm W x 230mm H
  • Size 370-255mm :  370mm W x 255mm H
  • Size 405-255mm :  405mm W x 255mm H
  • Size 485-340mm :  485mm W x 340mm H

 We can customise by printing on the bags, and arrange other colours.