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The next-generation thermal protector! Silver Sheen Eco is 100% locally sourced, Aussie Made.

Silver Sheen Eco is specifically engineered to optimise material value and minimise impacts on the environment. It requires less energy and fossil fuels to transport, as well as less space to store, transport and recycle. The 1mm structure also allows you to expel unnecessary air from your package, maximising thermal performance. Make a real environmental difference by choosing Silver Sheen Eco!

Suited for use with fresh or frozen food, meat, seafood, pharmaceuticals or any temperature-sensitive goods requiring transport. Liners and Bags are available on an easy to dispense roll or loose in a carton and can even be made to size!

Made with 20% recycled content and 100% recyclable LDPE4, EnviroTherm Thermal Liners and Bags offer maximum thermal performance and protection to ensure your goods arrive in tip-top condition.

A blend of locally sourced aluminium particulates are embedded into each layer, to not only trap the cold in but to defend any heat from entering. With multiple layers fighting to protect your temperature-sensitive goods, it really is your knight in shining armour!

All Bagmasters Thermal Liners and Bags are approved for recycle through the REDcycle program.

Pair your Thermal Liner or Bag with a Bagmasters Gel Pack for an effective Cold Chain Solution!

The best of both worlds! The 10mm bubble provides an extra layer of plush cushioning for those goods that need a little bit of shielding during transit. Silver Sheen minimises product damage, reduces the painful processes of complaints and replacement costs, all while keeping your goodies cold!

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