Padded Mailer (White - side opening) Price per carton

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Padded Mailer (White - side opening) Price per carton


The new range of  padded mailers look great with white or coloured labelling, offer 100% block out to ensure privacy and discretion in transit. Protective Padded Mailers are the versatile pack and post solution for any business requiring an easy packaging solution. 

These mailers have the opening on the longest side and are often referred to as side opening padded mailers, and are specifically designed for bulkier items, such as books, cd mailers or packets.

The padded mailers feature tamper evident seals ensuring your items arrive at their destination intact and undamaged. They also feature a recycled content. The two inner layers have a minimum of 15% recycled content - making them environmentally friendly too.

Side Opening mailer Bags have side perforations for double flap closure to allow for extra protection:

  • Size 1 - 200mm W (opening) x 175mm L + 50mm flap - Box contains 300 Bags
  • Size 2 - 250mm W (opening) x 185mm L + 50mm flap - Box contains 250 Bags
  • Size 3 - 280mm W (opening) x 230mm L + 50mm flap - Box contains 175 Bags
  • Size 4 - 300mm W (opening) x 280mm L + 50mm flap - Box contains 125 Bags
  • Size 5 - 345mm W (opening) x 300mm L + 50mm flap - Box contains 100 Bags
  • Size 6 - 390mm W (opening) x 345mm L + 50mm flap - Box contains 100 Bags


  • Matt Finish
  • 100% Oxo-Degradable
  • ISO 14001 & 9001 Certified
  • 3 layer bubble with padded flap
  • Double Fold over seam for extra protection
  • Tamper Evident Seals
  • High Quality Print
  • Custom Sizes
  • High slip inner surface
  • Secure Labelling
  • Lightweight
  • Improved labelling and write-ability
  • Will break down in ideal landfill conditions
  • Systematic approach to prevention of pollution
  • Recyclable and reusable
  • Consistent performance and quality
  • Stronger and more durable seal
  • Easy loading and packing
  • Labels adhere to surface
  • Easy handling
  • Minimises environmental impact
  • Reduces plastic pollution
  • Minimises damage to your product
  • Maximises security
  • Professional presentation of brand
  • Reduced packaging costs and postage
Custom satchels
We can provide plastic mail bags in custom sizes either plain or printed to suit your particular requirements. Please contact us for a comprehensive quotation.