Hazibag - Large (2.4cm - Bundle of 6 bags)

  • Hazibag - Large (2.4cm - Bundle of 6 bags) - BagMasters Australia

Hazibag - Large (2.4cm - Bundle of 6 bags)


Bundle of 6 bags:  $162.60 per bag

For single units please contact info@bagmasters.com.au

This Hazibag is 2.4cubic metres and is suitable for: Asbestos removal; Medical waste; Contaminated soils; Veterinary clinics; Mining industry; Quarantine for hazardous waste.


  • Double stitched and welded seams
  • Inner lining protects from exposure
  • Security sealable
  • Lifting loops to four points
  • Made from tough Grade 5 Polypropylene

Extremely compact and light weight, it can be transported in utes, trucks, etc. or have on job sites where any hazardous waste may be present. Once used and sealed, Hazibag substantially reduces the possibility of accidental exposure to any person present on site, during loading, transporting, or at landfills when unloading.

Hazibag has an internal, sealable bladder and an outer skin to securely contain asbestos and other forms of solid dangerous goods. Even though Hazibag was initially designed for the safe containment and transport of asbestos, with its dangerous goods certification, it is being used for contaminated soils, medical waste, toxic woods and plants, veterinarian wastes, certain forms of PCB’s, hazardous spills solids, and mining industry applications.

Hazibag carries the N.A.T.A. (Australian Testing Authority) stamp of approval under UN recommendations, the CE conformity marking, and is built by an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer. Hazibag has been tested under strict guidelines by NATA’s accredited Falcon Test Engineers.

  • 1 Cube bag holds up to 250kgs - dimensions 1m long x 1m high x 1m wide
  • 1.5 Cube bag holds up to 550kgs - dimensions 2.5m long x 40cm high x 1.5m wide
  • 2.4 Cube bags holds up to 450kgs - dimensaions 2.5m long x 60cm high x 1.5m wide 
  • 3 Cube bag holds up to a tonne (1000kgs) - dimensions 2.5m long x 80cm high x 1.5m wide.