Note & Coin Satchel (clear)

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Note & Coin Satchel (clear)

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Secure and strong tamper evident note and coin satchel.
Large format barcode and sequential numbering is has a  Skirt weld and microprint. Writable panel to record note and coin contents, with an adhesive seal on closure that will provide tamper evidence of peeling, application of heat, cold and solvents. They can be customised (i.e. print; size, numbering etc.)

Size: 270mm W x 400mm H +80mm handle

Packing: 500 units per box

  • Reinforced carry handle
  • Made of 80 micron transparent LDPE
  • Printed two colors
  • With barcode and serial number -3.4cm.
  • Level 4 Security Tape 
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001: 2008 certification 
  • Natural LDPE with temperature sensitive tape closure
  • Tamper evident side skirt
  • Microprint security
  • Writeable address panel (record notes from $5-$100; coins from 5c - $2)